Centre Stage for milliner Céline Robert

Centre Stage for milliner Céline Robert

“I was born in 1965, in the valley of the river Loir. It’s a valley of poets with soft, intimately landscaped contours.”

A unique Parisian hat designer that values the art of true craftsmanship.

The world of creation into which I was initiated bears the double hallmark of a familial and cultural tradition whose passion for skilled handcraft has come down to me over two generations. As a child, the values of craftwork instilled in me a liking for materials with nobility as well as the pleasure to be had from a beautiful object and its function. Design and line also have pride of place through my maternal grandmother who was a stained-glass designer, and my ceramicist mother who loved modelling clay for her pieces.

Later, my training at the Beaux-Arts in Paris in Toni Grand’s sculpture studio enriched this upbringing, teaching me how to keep to what essential and inspiring in me the will to view fashion with demanding eye of an artist.

Every hat has a meaning given it by its volumes, its outline in space, the graphic nature of its line. The way it is structured brings out the face and personality of its wearer. Whatever the material is, I feel passionate about my commitment as an artist, and through each of my creations, I strive to rise to the challenge.

“I’m a seeker, an explorer, and an inventor. Materials set limits, and so I always bear in mind that the ultimate goal for each hat is for it to feel comfortable and sit well.”

For 30 years, the Céline Robert Chapeaux label has been offering both a bespoke couture collection together with a seasonal ready-to-wear range.  Both encompass Céline’s identifiable architectural hand construction, modernity and use of different materials and finishes.  No matter how complicated the construction looks they are both easy to wear and very flattering to the wearer.

In 1905 Julia Petit, Céline Robert's maternal great-grandmother, had a hat shop "Modes-Deuils" (Fashion and Bereavement) in Vétheuil near Paris. At the time, as no man or woman ever went out without a hat, the millinery profession was considerable. Wearing a hat was a mark of social status.

1934, a generation later, Reine-Marguerite Robert, Céline's paternal grandmother, founded the Fernand Robert fashion house, named after her husband.By 1934, she was designing the hats that Fernand sold all over France.

1950 The card of the Céline Robert's grandfather that inspired the new indentity of the brand Céline Robert Chapeaux.

Céline Robert Chapeaux took off, quickly conquering French hat shops and buyers internationally. She was discovered by us in 1994, we have supported her ever since as her unique sculptural creations remain a favourite with our clients season after season.

Céline Robert continues her journey with the mythical Parisian places by opening a corner at Printemps Haussmann.