Prinsjesdag - Tag der Hutparade in Holland

Prinsjesdag - Tag der Hutparade in Holland

Many women attending the yearly Speech from the Throne at Prinsjesdag these days wear striking hats - often to get attention for current political themes of their party.

Prinsjesdag or Prince's Day is held every year on the third Tuesday in September. It is an important day in Dutch politics because His Majesty the King reads the Speech from the Throne that outlines the government policy for the year ahead

In the 18th century, Prinsjesdag was one of the country's most popular public holidays and was originally used to celebrate the birthday of Prince William V.

Hats worn in honor of this celebration often bring together the late summer as well as early autumn seasonal looks.

Pillboxes, fascinators and even formal city hats are also on show for this occasion.